Our occupational therpaists are diverse in their background and knowledge base. Occupational therapists treat sensory processing disorders, fine motor delays, neuromuscular disorders, and feeding challenges and aversions.  Our therapists also work on adaptive and assistive equipment, positioning, and self help skills.   



Excellence In Speech Pathology is equipped to provide pediatric therapy services in the following disciplines:  Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.  We also specialize in Early Intervention Speech Therapy Services through Early Steps and also with medically reimbursed insurance and private payment.



Our physical therapy staff focuses on several areas of development including gross motor develoment skills, balance, and coordination, core strenght, and ambulation skills.  Our staff is also trained in wheelchair assessment.


Speech EZ

Reading Therapy

Kaufmann Approach

Beckman Oral Motor Intervention

See and Learn

Fast Forward

Social Thinking

Handwriting Without Tears

iLs Listening Systems

Therapeutic Listening

Motor/Behavioral/Sensorimotor Feeding Approach



Speech therapy services are provided in the the home, at your child's daycare or parochial school setting, or in the clinical setting.  Individual and group therapy are available based on your child's needs.


Our therapists specialize in the area of Apraxia, Autism, Down Syndrome, oral motor dysfunction, feeding therapy, social and pragmatic delays, language delays, articulation disorders, and fluency disorders.  



Group language therapy is designed for young children with deficits in language and/or social skills.  A group setting allows for peer interaction while given cueing by trained interventionists.  Speech language therapists engage and promote joint attention, turn taking, and peer play in a controlled environment.  Sessions are twice a week for one and a half hours.



Children at this level may or may not be using words.  They may use gestures, signs, actions, or reaching to engage others expressively.  Children at this level require assistance following simple directions and routines.  These children require more help to attend to more structured tasks such as circle time or simple art time.



Children at this level are attempting more verbal language and often use words, short phrases, or signs to communicate.  These children can follow simple 1-2 step directions and can attend during circle time for song play and storybook intervention, as well as playing for longer periods.



Children at this level are verbal and beginning to use longer strands of words to communicate their wants and needs.  Specific goals in language development include increasing the length of their utterances, using more complex sentences, focus on correct articulation of sounds and answering questions with more accuracy. 

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